Which Is Better Zirconia Or Porcelain?

Knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of these two methods is necessary before deciding between a zirconium crown or porcelain tooth veneer. Both coating methods are made to have a more aesthetic appearance in the damaged teeth.

Why Dental Coating Done?

Tooth structure, tooth deficiencies, tooth abrasion or aesthetic concerns due to tooth covering is done. With tooth coating, the teeth have a flat and aesthetic appearance. Dental deformations are not treated with tooth coating, but this defective appearance is eliminated by coating. For whatever reason, patients who want to have a veneer or need a tooth veneer should decide which method should be used for this treatment. Zirconium, which is the most commonly used method in dental treatment, or metal-coated porcelain dental? To decide between these two options you need to learn these methods and their advantages.

Zirconium Crowns

Zirconium crowns are the most preferred coating method with many advantages. It takes its name from the substructure material zirconium. Zirconium is a very compatible material with white teeth. Zirconium coating is specially prepared. If the patient’s tooth decay and so on. If problems are not eliminated zirconium plating without eliminating these problems. Many factors, from the expertise of the physician to the process to the quality of the material to be used, are effective for the successful application of the zirconium dental coating.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain coatings are metal substructure coatings. The metal-supported porcelain coating does not adequately match the gum. They are usually preferred for teeth that remain behind and are not visible when talking.

Zirconium vs Porcelain

• Zirconium coatings last longer than porcelain coatings.

• Zirconium coatings are light permeable and therefore look more natural than metal-supported porcelain.

• Porcelain coatings are more affordable than zirconium coatings.

• Zirconium coating looks highly aesthetic. The artificial appearance seen in metal substructure porcelain coatings is absent in zirconium coatings.

• Zirconium coatings are highly compatible with teeth and gums. Metal-supported porcelain veneers cannot match teeth and gums as much as zirconium.

• Zirconium coating can be easily applied to people with metal sensitivity.

• The patient should decide with his doctor whether the zirconium crown or porcelain crown is better for himself. The dentist will recommend the best treatment for the patient, depending on the cause of the coating and the condition of the teeth and gums.

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