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The greatest location for hair transplants is Turkey. It is no secret that many people selected Turkey as their location for hair transplants. Turkey is a better alternative for hair transplants, both in terms of costs and medical professionals. In Turkey, there are several choices for the best hair transplant clinic. People who desire excellent and better-qualified doctors may consider Turkey.

Istanbul is the ideal Turkish city for hair transplants. Hair transplantation is an effective surgical procedure for treating hair loss. Not just those who experience hair loss, but also those who experience scalp injuries.

It is not necessary and in fact we prefer you not to. It is important that the doctor do the evaluation and diagnosis with the hair with a minimum of 2mm to be able to see its natural growth. On the day of surgery, the hair is shaved to facilitate both the intervention and to make the postoperative period as comfortable as possible for the patient.
This technique allows the isolation and use of growth factors present in the patient’s own blood to stimulate and enhance tissue regeneration, and the formation of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid. It is indicated to stop hair loss in patients with moderate loss and to improve areas with low density. A small blood draw from the patient is performed and the plasma fractions are separated by centrifugation. The “platelet rich plasma” is then injected at the capillary level. It is a simple and outpatient treatment.
Of course yes. The procedure to assess if a woman can undergo hair transplant will be the same as the one we performed with a man, ie, by sending her photographs and additional information that we might need, and subsequent assessment of our medical team.
During the operation, we protect the grafts that are extracted from the donor area in a solution through a cooling process that provides ideal conditions for maintenance until they are transplanted.
No, absolutely not. Current techniques allow us to implant follicles between existing hair, thus improving and restoring the desired density. In any case the decision to perform or not the intervention will be taken by our medical team after checking your pictures.
In Turkey prices are much more competitive compared to other countries. The price of our basic all inclusive package is € 1,990 (transfers + hotel + transplant).
After 1 month you can cut the hair only with scissors. The razor and machine are allowed after 6 months. Coloring the hair also after 6 months.
The hair that begins to appear after undergoing the hair transplant is born initially thinner and clearer than the rest of the head, and therefore ends up falling in the first months. In general we can say that the first results are visible between the fourth and sixth month after the intervention, although it is certain that there are some cases in which the results are visible before, depending on the quality of the transplanted follicle.
You can send an email to the address, send a WhatsApp to the telephone number +34 664681857 / +212 656606673 / +33 777 497 470, so that we indicate the steps to follow in order to send us your photographs and thus the Doctor can personally assess your case, analyze whether you are eligible to undergo the intervention, and if so, estimate the number of bulbs to be transplanted.
After the intervention the patient leaves the clinic and is accompanied to the hotel by our assistant. Many of our patients choose to spend the rest of the day resting in the hotel, although many others decide to go out for a walk and visit the city. Even though the surgery itself is not very invasive, we recommend to our patients to get plenty of rest, to drink a lot of water to eliminate the anesthesia and to not walk around too much because the sweat can be harmful for the newly grown hairs.
Hair that grows after performing a hair transplant is not subjected to the effects of androgenic alopecia since they are follicles that are genetically prepared to be immune to its effects. It is true that over the years, you canl lose a small amount of hair but its just a minimal percentage due to age.
There is no specific age at which a person can undergo an hair transplant, but rather the factors that will determine this decision will be the quality and quantity of the donor area and the depopulated surface that we want to cover. Every day we operate more and more young people who do not want their baldness to be detected. We also help elderly people who want to improve their looks by taking advantage of the new innovative techniques of scarless hair transplant.
The guaranty is for 10 years, that is enough time to see the results and of course, if something happens in that time, we can provide assistance to the patient and if needed, perform a second intervention for free.
Preoperative care If you are using Minoxidil it is important to discontinue treatment 2 weeks before surgery to avoid excessive bleeding during the procedure. In the case of Finasteride, it is not necessary to stop the treatment. Three days before the hair transplant stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory or any other medication that could dilute blood. Avoid vitamin B or E complexes during the previous 10 days and caffeine drinks 3 days earlier as they may increase bleeding. It is important that the scalp does not present any alteration on the day of transplantation, seborrhea, itching, scaling, eczema, etc. In this case, know that the intervention will not be performed if there is any active process. Moreover, the night before or the morning of the intervention, perform a wash the usual way without leaving traces of hair products, fixing gels, lacquers, etc. It is not necessary to shave the head for the intervention, this process will be carried out in the clinic. One day before: Avoid alcohol: Using alcohol or drugs can affect the efficiency of local anesthetics that your doctor administers before the operation. Avoid Smoking: Smoking decreases blood flow to the scalp. At least one day before and one week after surgery, avoid smoking to avoid causing constriction of blood vessels and a weak growth of transplanted hair. Post Operative Care Post-transplant specific care is easy to perform and will be made available to each patient at the end of the intervention. The first three days after the procedure are the most important. Be careful as not to take any blows to the head, especially in the transplanted area. From the third day after the operation one should start with the daily washing of the head. This wash will be repeated every day for a month using two products that can be purchased at any pharmacy in your local area. Thanks to the daily washing, the scabs that have come out after the intervention will gradually fall during the first fifteen days. Direct sunlight exposure of the transplanted area should be avoided during the two months following the transplant, always trying to wear a cap or hat whenever it is in the street in broad daylight. For one month you will not be able to dip your head in fresh or salty water, as both chlorine and salt could damage the newly implanted follicles. You can not use a helmet for 1 month as pressing the transplanted part does not help the correct growth of the first hair at all. During the first 15 days we advise against carrying out any medium to intense exercise. After the first two weeks, you can begin to progressively perform aerobic activities and finally after a month can also perform weightlifting or exercises of a higher intensity. It is normal for the first two months that the grafted hair falls. It is something expected and not to be worried about. The first results will begin to be visible between 4 and 6 months after the operation.
During the first two weeks, small crusts can be seen in the area undergoing transplantation and redness in the donor area. These scabs will usually fall on their own within the first 10 to 12 days.
The follicular units that are extracted from the donor zone are genetically prepared to resist the action of the hormones that cause hair loss. Although these follicles redistribute, they continue to maintain their natural characteristics.
It depends on each case. 80% of the patients go to Istanbul once since Dr. Acar and his team do everything they can to ensure that the patient does not have to return to Istanbul to undergo a second intervention. It is necessary to remember that after returning from Turkey, consultations can be made with the specialist in your home country, who is in direct contact with the clinic.
These are the instruments used during the intervention: 1. The Trillix, a small trephine with a tip of a diameter of 0.6 to 0.8 mm. This instrument, which is used to accelerate the time of extraction, allows the removal of the bulb together with a small part of the scalp. 2. A punch similar to a “circular scalpel” is used to mark the skin on the follicular unit, surrounding it with a circle that must be separated from the follicular unit by about 2 millimeters. 3. Follicular units are transplanted into the scalp by inserting them into small incisions in the skin.
The answer is yes! When opening the microchannels to implant the bulbs, we do it with a 45 degree angle which ensures that the newly grown hair presents a totally natural growth.
The patient does not feel pain during the intervention since the whole operation is performed under the effects of local anesthesia. After the intervention in case of minor discomfort, they disappear with the use of common analgesics. The application of anesthesia may present some discomfort but with the new techniques of applying anesthesia, these discomforts disappear.
First for a matter of aesthetics since hair is one of the most visible parts of a person, but we also have to consider the psychological aspects associated with this issue. Sometimes, hair loss can also affect how we view ourselves. Restoring hair can mean restoring confidence and boosting one’s self-esteem. There is no specific time in which it is more advisable to undergo a hair transplant since this depends on many factors. In the end, the decision depends exclusively on the patient himself.
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