Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening can be done at home with so many methods, using natural ingredients or over-the-counter products like strips and trays,

However, nothing can match the results offered by professionals. Our dentists in Novesthetica Clinics will monitor all the steps of the treatment and promise you the results you aspire to.


You don’t have to avoid smiling in public as long as you have the brightest smile in your community. And whitening treatments can be done at home; nevertheless, when done by dentists, you get brighter teeth faster and always much stronger than the at-home kit. Dental bleaching is a whitening treatment that grants you that smile by removing the stains associated with dead, decayed, or root-filled teeth. Our dentists will apply the peroxide gel to your teeth then aiming a special heating lamp or laser at them while preventing the gel to get in contact with your gum to avoid gum irritation. All you need to do is contacting our specialists who will assess the condition of your teeth and recommend the right number of shades suitable for a better and natural smile.