Things To Know About Dental Veneers

Most of the patients do not have enough information about the treatment method before starting dental treatment. Some of the patients who will have porcelain veneers do not even know that their teeth can be cut. For this reason, we have prepared this article for you to have more detailed information about dental veneers.

How is Dental Veneers Done?

Tooth veneers is a preferred treatment method for serious damage and tissue loss. The patient’s teeth are examined before the tooth veneers. If the teeth need to be rasped, the teeth to be coated are rasped. The teeth are measured. Veneerss suitable for this size are prepared. At this time, the person is fitted with temporary covers. After the temporary veneers, specially prepared veneerss are adhered to the tooth surface. As a result of successful tooth veneers, the coated teeth can be used for a long time.

In Which Situations Is Dental Veneers Performed?

  • For teeth with slight skew,
  • Advanced tooth decay,
  • For aesthetic purposes (for regulating tooth color or shape),
  • Excessive substance loss in teeth,
  • Worn teeth as a result of involuntary habits (squeezing, biting, etc.) and
  • Tooth fracture can be done in case of accident or other reasons.

What Is Zirconium Tooth Veneers?

Today, the most preferred type of veneers is zirconium veneers. The reason why zirconium veneers are so preferred is that they have the most natural appearance and are much more durable than other veneerss. Because zirconium is the most adaptable material to the teeth and gums. The color of zirconium is very close to tooth and bone color. Light transmittance provides a more natural tooth appearance. Porcelain veneers on the zirconium gives the tooth a natural appearance. Zirconium dental veneer can stay with you for almost a lifetime if care is taken and no impact is taken.

How Should Dental Care Be Applied After Tooth Veneers?

Oral care and hygiene are very important for long lasting of tooth covering. Avoid excessive cold or hot food after veneers. Food that is too hard can damage the veneers. Therefore, these foods should be avoided.

How Long Is Dental Veneers?

If the teeth receive an impact or are overloaded, the coated teeth may be damaged. However, broken or damaged veneerss can be repaired by dentists. Successful dental coverage can last for many years if regular oral care is performed. The zirconium tooth veneers is much more durable and therefore has a longer service life.

Does Dental Veneers Damage Tooth?

Dental veneers do not damage the teeth. Even coated teeth can prolong the life of the tooth. The side effect that can be seen in tooth veneers is sensitivity. Sensitivity to heat and cold may develop in the teeth. However, this sensitivity decreases over time.

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