Cosmetic Surgeries

Cosmetic Surgeries Candidates

Anyone healthy can undergo cosmetic surgeries. The patient should have a healthy life to have cosmetic surgeries. People who have certain diseases such as heart diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, or diabetes must be evaluated before undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Moreover, the patient will go through some radiation and blood testing to ensure good health. Also, those who have at least one of the next;

  • People who want a perfect body for either appearance or functions.
  • Suffering some problems in the nose such as; deviation of the nasal bridge, a large nose tip, or a big nose, on the other hand, suffering some function defects in the nose such as sinus, breathing problems, and nasal septum.
  • People who have a problem with ear appearance or functions.
  • Gynecomastia, which is a bulge in the men’s breast.
  • People who want a slim body and an attractive body.
  • If you are suffering from fat accumulation in some part of your body, such as the abdominal, arm, or buttocks.
  • People who suffer from obesity and extreme thinness in their buttocks and want to get a harmonious shape of the body.
  • Suffering wrinkles and sagging in the face, neck, chin, head, or any part else in the body.

Planning to get your cosmetic surgeries

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