Does having long hair make it fall out? Is that a myth or reality?

Does having long hair make it fall out? Actually many people think the answer is “yes”; it´s common -specially among men- to worry about hair falling and baldness when they find too much hairs on the pillow or after the shower. These symptoms lead to many men to ask about the hair transplant cost in Turkey. But, when you have long hair… does it fall out more? Is it true?

Before undergoing any treatment, the most important think is to consult an expert and of course, to determine the real causes of hair loss. Because the fact is that we should worry much more about or lifestyle or our hairstyle, than about hair length. Let´s find out why.

Does hair length affect balding?

Does more hair fall out when it is long? Why does long hair fall out…? There are many myths circulating on Internet and among people about hair loss and baldness, and no doubt this is one of them. There is no scientific basis that sustains the belief that long hair and hair loss, or even balding, are related. Actually, reasons behind balding are more related to internal factors, including our genetic heritance.

One thing that we must take into consideration when addressing this issue is that hair loss is not unleashed along its shaft, but in its root, specifically in the hair bulb, which is located under the skin. Hair falling can be affected by internal factors such as stress, hormonal changes in our body, diseases, poor diet, and especially due to genetic factors. But in no way hair root will become weaker just because hair is long.

You may say “OK, but then why short hair looks stronger?”. Well, actually when we cut our hair what we are doing is cutting off the part that has most been exposed to external agents and aggressions, and leaving in the scalp the one that has been more protected, and that is newer, too. Therefore, logically our cut hair will look healthier… but this has nothing to do with the strength or healthiness of the root or the hair bulb.

Then, why does long hair fall out so much?

Then, why does my long hair fall out… or it looks so? Well, there are reasons that can trigger hair loss in people with long hair, but for other causes. For example, long hair weights more and tends to get more easily tangled up, so it´s relatively easy to pull it out when combing… But that doesn´t mean that we have an alopecia problem.

Another factor than can very important when explaining hair loss in men or women with long hair is the hairstyle. People with long hair sometimes use aggressive hairstyles to gather their hair, such as pigtails, braids, buns, dreadlocks… causing strong tensions in the hair that may cause damages in hair roots if used during long time. In the long run, these hairstyles cause damages in the follicles and even the so-called traction alopecia

What can I do to save my hair?

Although we often do not attach importance to it, hair always requires care, and this is especially important if we have long hair. Healthy lifestyle habits (such as regular exercise, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and stress, get enough sleep…), a balanced diet, not abusing of dyes or hairsprays, and especially a proper hair hygiene -washing it every 2 or 3 days and applying a good hair conditioner- are the best keys to consider in order to preserve our hair healthy.

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