Dying your hair after a hair transplant… Is it possible?

Dying your hair after a hair transplant must be done carefully. Every day more and more people undergo a hair transplantation and they usually choose Turkey, because of the hair transplant cost in Turkey being very affordable compared to the same treatment in Europe or USA.

In fact, not only men, but also many women travel to Turkey to receive a treatment to end their problems with alopecia or hair loss and to recover their personal look, and also their self-esteem and self-confidence. However, once the hair begins to grow soon after the transplant sometimes the original grey hair may appear, therefore spoiling the dream of obtaining that renovated look.

It´s specially in these cases when doubts and questions arise: can I use dye after hair grafting? When can I dye transplanted hair? These and other common queries are the ones that we will answer properly in the following lines.

Can I colour my hair after transplant?

The answer to this usual question is yes, you can colour your hair, but in proper time. After the transplant, recently implanted grafts need to be care of: that´s why it is not advisable to apply chemicals on the head or in the implanted grafts, at least in the first month after the operation. Once this period is over, you can return to your hair care as usual.

However, it is important to mention at this point than an excessive use of the chemicals included in dye, hair sprays and so on, as well as pulling from the hair follicles and the scalp when getting certain hairstyles (or when combing the hair too much), can end damaging your hair, whether it has been implanted or not.

In this regard, you must remember that hair dyes contain chemical substances like peroxides and other bleaching agents, and that recently grafted follicles are much more sensitive to any chemical change than your natural hair; therefore, it´s quite important not to expose them to these substances during the aforementioned period.

Another common question among people getting a hair transplant is: can I dye my hair before a hair transplant? Not only you can, but also this is a good way to take care of your personal look without putting in danger the new implanted grafts after the operation. However the dying should be done several days before the surgery, as dye can colour the scalp and thus make difficult for the medical team to make the incisions for the grafts during the transplant.

How long after the transplant can I colour my hair?

So, in summary… How long after the hair transplant can I colour my hair? Actually, like in any other surgical treatment, you need to provide some special cares to your newly implanted hair after the hair transplant operation to guarantee an optimal result. The main end of this care is to favour the healing of the scars, avoid the appearance of undesired side effects (inflammations, infections, etc) and also stimulate the growth of the new hair.

In the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique, which by the way is the main used for hair transplants in Turkey, follicles are carefully extracted and implanted one by one, so they are very delicate. For this reason, right after the operation you must not touch at all both the grafted bulbs or the operated area during the first week, because this could cause infections during the healing process or even the fall out of the new grafts.

Therefore, when can I colour my hair after a hair transplant? Well, as we explained before, our recommendation is to wait at least 4 weeks after the operation to apply any dye to your hair; this time is necessary to your scalp in order to finish its healing process, but also for the new implanted follicles to gain strength. Besides, this period may vary depending on each patient and how the healing itself progresses, and can be prolonged up to 6 weeks.

Also, we recommend  that a hairdressing expert should be the one to apply your first dying after your hair transplant, as he/she will know better how to do it and what product to use. Also, if you have any other question about dying your hair after a hair transplant, please do not hesitate to contact us: we are the best rated hair transplant clinic in Istanbul… just check the reviews about hair transplant in Turkey. And don´t forget our free consultation service!

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