Things to Do After a Hair Transplantation

Things to Do After a Hair Transplantation

A good after care process is vital for a satisfactory result. The after care of a hair transplant surgery is very important and yet simple. The hair surgeon should supply you with appropriate medication and after care products. Furthermore, the should explain how you should take care of the transplant and donor area in detail. This article summarizes some important aspects of this after care process.

1-What to expect?

The after care of a hair transplant surgery is simple however very important part of the process. You should expect not complicated but detailed after care. The process includes small amount of medications. It is mostly taking care of your transplant and donor area with special lotions and shampoos daily. For example, it is important for the first two weeks or until the crusts fall out to wash your head daily. This process involves using a special lotion for your head before the shampoo.

2-How to Take the Medications

Hair transplant surgeries are considered to be very safe and have small chances of complications. This situation leads to small use of medication after a hair transplant operation. There is only antibiotic, and painkiller use for small amount time. The painkillers are for the first and second day after the surgery if you experience any pain. Antibiotics are approximately used 5-7 days for precaution.

3-How to Sleep After Hair Transplant

After a hair transplant surgery, your sleeping position is important for the first 3 days. The transplant area is very sensitive at this period and you have to avoid sleeping on the transplanted area. On the other hand, the donor area is more durable. So, after a hair transplant you should sleep on your back. In a way, you should try to avoid your transplant area to get damaged by sleeping on it. Furthermore, for the first 3 days you should elevate your head by putting a pillow or something similar to you neck in order not to put more pressure on your donor area. After the first 3 days you can slowly go back to your normal sleeping habits, but again you should sleep on your back for a while.

4-How to Wash the Head

The head wash is very important after a hair transplant. You should wash your head daily for at least 2 weeks or until all the crusts fall out. In this case, it is important to apply the special lotion that is provided to you by our before every wash as explained to you. Then, start washing your head by gently compressing to your transplant and donor area. You should increase the pressure day by day and eventually wash your hair normally after a while. This should be explained to you by the .

5-When can I take off my headband and hat

Headbands are for protecting your face to swallow after the operation. On the other hand, hats are used for protecting your transplanted area from external affects such as rain, sun or dust etc. It is important to use both of them properly at least for 5 days.

6-Possible Complications

Hair transplant operations considered to be very safe and without risks. There is only one possible complication about this surgery, that is infection. Infection possibility is always present for every surgery. The infection risk in a hair transplant surgery is very small if you have it done in a proper licensed by a specialist doctor. In order to eliminate this small risk, antibiotics are prescribed after the operation. If you follow your doctors’ orders about the antibiotics and after care, the post-operation period should go very smoothly after a hair transplant surgery.

7-After Care

As mentioned above the aftercare process is a very important part of a hair transplant and for a successful result. There should be a set of instructions from your doctor and for the first two weeks. After that you can go back to your own routine however there are things you should be careful about.

Day 1

After your operation the first day is very important, you should follow your doctors’ and ’ after care procedure very carefully. On the first day you should use your medication and wash your hair. As mentioned above for a while you should wash your head daily after a transplant. In this case, the first wash is extremely important since your transplant and donor areas are very sensitive. At Drt Hair , we care about the first wash very much. We do the first head wash for you after your operation in our .

Day 2- 3

At the days 2 or 3, you are probably back home. You should take your medications according to your doctor’s suggestions. Also, you should wash your hair gently. At DrT we provide a special lotion and shampoo for our patients. You should apply the lotion before the wash for a specific amount of time. The use of lotion is important and the amount of time that it should stay on your head increases daily. After using the lotion, you should wash your head by gently compressing your transplant area. Do not worry, at DrT we provide very detailed information about this medication, lotion and shampoo process.

Days 5-7 and 7 days after hair transplant

At this point you should continue using your medications until the day 5 or 7, this depends on the suggestion of your doctor about your individual condition. You should continue using the lotion and shampoo we provide and follow the step by step detailed information provided by DrT about how to wash and lotion your hair on different days.

Day 15 and After

After the 15th day, you should be able to go back to your normal routine and wash your hair normally. However, we recommend that you use natural and quality shampoos for your hair and wash it daily. Furthermore, quality hair care products such as hair oils etc. always help.

How to Take Care of Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

After 15 days of your hair transplant you can go back to your old routine however, we recommend that you use quality hair products for your hair and take care of your hair daily. Also, it is important to check-in with your doctor about the process. At the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 12th month you should see your doctor or send detailed photos for consultation. This will help you and your doctor to follow your process. Normally the final result of a hair transplant surgery can be seen around 12 or 15 months after the surgery. You should also share your photos with your doctor after 12 months for the results.

9-DrT’s suggestions

DrT suggest that you should carefully follow the aftercare procedure and pay attention to the details. Furthermore, taking your medications properly as your doctor prescribed is very important. Moreover, using the lotions and shampoos we provide for a comfortable after care is equally important. After the initial 15 days and the healing process, you should continue to take care of your hair. Using quality shampoos and taking care of your hair everyday with quality hair products are vital.

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