Trioxidil : ingredient against hair loss in men

The phenomenon of hair loss in men, whether more or less pronounced, is affecting an increasing number of individuals at an earlier age, sometimes even starting at the end of puberty.

Hair loss begins with a period during which the hair weakens, becomes finer, and eventually falls out, often with no possibility of regrowth.

To try to combat temporary hair loss or early baldness, numerous treatments are available, including those based on natural products. Some even help stop hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth.

What causes hair loss? It is important to know that hair loss in men is mainly a result of:

  1. Hormonal changes and/or hereditary predisposition, accounting for 70% of baldness cases.
  2. Nutritional deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that weaken the hair and hinder its growth.
  3. Immune factors that can lead to alopecia.

In addition to these three common causes, there are aggravating factors such as psychological problems like chronic anxiety, severe emotional stress, excessive bad cholesterol, medical and/or medicinal treatments, an imbalanced diet, or even stress related to hair loss!

A proven active ingredient with triple benefits Research on hair loss continues to advance in developing increasingly effective products. The latest breakthrough is Trioxidil, designed to prevent hair loss.

This complex with triple action, known for its efficacy against hair loss problems, works in three different ways, primarily targeting hair follicles.

Among other actions, it slows down the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), one of the hormones responsible for alopecia or baldness. At the same time, it stimulates hair regrowth through intense hydration of the scalp.

Products developed with Trioxidil can contain up to 41 different ingredients, including vitamins, oils, and other natural and/or “harmless” chemical substances for the users’ health.

It effectively treats alopecia problems while naturally stimulating hair regrowth, even for hair loss that occurred a long time ago. It increases hair density and makes it stronger than before.

High-performance components Notably, it contains Acetyl Tetrapeptide 3, an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory agent known for promoting hair regrowth, improving the structure of hair follicles, and stimulating type III collagen synthesis.

It also includes Cocamide MEA, an emulsifying and cleansing agent commonly found in most shampoos, hydrolyzed proteins whose amino acids are beneficial for hair thickening, and sulfosuccinate, which helps combat skin and hair aging.

A range of three products Trioxidil is available in the form of a lotion, shampoo, or after-shampoo product. It can reverse the hair loss process before baldness becomes permanent, nourishing the scalp intensely and stimulating the follicles, resulting in more vigorous and healthier regrowing hair.

Suitable for all hair and skin types Since Trioxidil maintains the scalp’s balance without causing any adverse effects, products containing it can be used by all men, including those with sensitive skin.

Instructions for long-lasting results For durable results, apply a Trioxidil-containing lotion like Foligain P5 morning and evening, spraying 4 times on the areas most affected by hair loss, in addition to using the shampoo. Gently massage until the product is fully absorbed. Do not rinse the lotion after application and avoid wetting the hair for the next 4 hours. Wash hands thoroughly after use to prevent stimulating hair growth in other body areas.

The duration of the treatment depends on the extent and duration of the problem. It is advised to adhere to the treatment for 6 to 9 months for optimal results.

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