Is DHI implantation superior to implantation with Forceps?

There is a contented issue about the superiority of the hair transplant methods. Many people ask questions like ‘’Is DHI better than FUE?’’. As a start it should be noted that implantation with forceps and DHI are part of FUE hair transplant method. In FUE operations, the hair grafts are extracted one by one with FUE punches. After the extraction, the grafts are implanted either with DHI pens or forceps. In a general sense, DHI or forceps are not hair transplant methods by themselves. They are different options for hair implantation part of the FUE hair transplant.

What is DHI?

DHI is an advanced implantation technique for FUE hair transplant operations. In a nutshell, DHI is implantation of hair grafts with special choi implanter pens instead of regular forceps. In this method, the grafts are loaded into implanter pens and they are implanted directly to the recipient area without any additional incisions. DHI provides some advantages such as keeping the grafts smaller amount of time out of the body and more graft safety.

On the other hand, In DHI method the incisions are not premade. Because of this situation, DHI has some disadvantages such as lower density implantation. When you consider this situation, there is a stalemate between DHI and Forceps implantation. However, DHI and forceps are not the only options for implantation, there is a much more advanced and newer technique for the implantation part. It is called Easy DHI.

Easy DHI with SPS

What is the most advanced hair transplant technique? According to many expert doctors in the field Easy DHI method with Sapphire Premade Slit System (SPS) is the most advanced and best hair transplant technique available. Again, it should be noted that this is also an FUE method since the hair grafts are extracted one by one from the donor area.

How does Easy DHI better than other hair transplant methods?
When Easy DHI combined with SPS, it is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques. In this method, the incisions are made at the beginning of the operation with Sapphire tools. Then the grafts are extracted from the donor area. Prioritizing incisions rather than extractions brings 2 great advantages: greater density and grafts spent even less time outside of one’s body. After the extraction, the grafts are load into Easy DHI implanter pens automatically. In this sense, Easy DHI implanter pens are more advanced than regular DHI pens. Because the grafts are safer with the automatic load feature. The grafts are handled in a more advanced fashion and exposed to minimum trauma. This combination of Easy DHI and SPS tackles the disadvantages of regular DHI and forceps implantation techniques. Moreover, it brings even more advancements and improvements.


It can be argued that Easy DHI with SPS method is the newest and most advanced hair transplant method available. Furthermore, it provides many improvements to the field of hair transplant. However, it always best to consult with an expert doctor before choosing a method for yourself. It is important that the hair transplant method is decided exclusively and specially for case. Only an expert hair surgeon can determine the best eligible hair transplant method for your case. You can contact Drt Hair to have a free of charge hair analysis and consultation by our expert doctors.

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