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We would be pleased to have you offer us a few minutes of your time to fill in the following satisfaction questionnaire. It will help us improve our service and better serve our future clients.

Where did you know first hear about NOVESTHETICA?
How quickly were our agents able to help you?
Was the agent who assisted you well informed?
Did you find any problems when booking your appointments?
Please, evaluate NOVESTHETICA in the following statements according to your experience:

Evaluate in this way: 1 - The worst, 5 - Excellent

Attention when making your Reservation
The receptive in Istanbul is very friendly
The transfer service was to your liking
The Hotel responded to your expectations
The attention at the Hotel was to your liking
Comfort and Cleanliness in your room
The doctor answered all my questions
The nurses acted in a professional manner
The doctor was very kind and treated me very well
The doctor gave me all the necessary and important information
The communication with the staff was very good and they were all very helpful

What type of surgical intervention did you undergo?
Are you happy with the results?
Please, evaluate your satisfaction with our quality-price ratio
Would you recommend our clinic to your friends, family or co-workers?
Would you change something in the clinic? And if so, what would it be?
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