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Before and after hair transplantation for women

Hair transplant surgeries are not just for men. These procedures can be applied to anyone suffering from permanent hair loss, regardless of gender.

In order for the hair transplant to be successful, it is necessary to consider certain elements before and after the transplant.

Alopecia for women

Before hair transplantation for women

If you decide to plant and make an appointment, the doctor will check the hair before the procedure. The level of hair loss will be determined and the number of hair follicles needed. Thus the appearance of the hair is decided and a custom hair design is created.

Once all this is done, the hair transplant process is started. First, local anesthesia is administered. This way, the operation is not painful. After the anesthesia, a number of grafts are taken from the donor site, they are then collected and stored for transplantation. The necessary channels are opened for the planting of the collected hair follicles in the area where the hair loss occurs. The grafts are transferred one by one to the open channels. The donor area is bandaged and the operation is completed.

  • Precautions before hair transplantation for women.

If you have decided to undergo a hair transplant, there are a number of factors to consider before the procedure :

  • Thorough research should be done on the center where the surgery is performed.
  • The individual should inform her doctor of her medical history and medications.
  • Blood thinners should not be used before surgery.
  • Alcohol or cigarettes should not be consumed or should be discontinued.

After hair transplantation for women

The first wash after the hair transplant is done at the hair transplant center. This wash must be done with precision. If it is not done properly, the newly transplanted hair follicles may break off and die. After the first wash, the person can do it himself.

About 2 weeks after planting, the hair is removed. This stage is called shock alopecia. This is normal in all people who receive a transplant. Instead of losing the hair, it gets healthier with time.

The exact results of the hair transplant are visible at the end of the first year after the surgery.

  • Things to consider after hair transplantation for women

In order to get the best results from hair transplantation;

Scabs, itching and acne after seeding are quite normal. After the first wash, these scabs are significantly reduced. They should not be touched under any circumstances, because when patients try to peel the peels, the hair follicles grow with the scabs. However, if the person is extremely uncomfortable with the sores and itching, they should definitely consult their doctor.

The products used on your hair after a hair transplant should be recommended by your doctor. Do not use any products on the hair without the doctor’s knowledge.

Gently massaging the bottom of the hair can be beneficial to the hair, but it must be done without damaging the roots.

Nutritional measures should be taken to make the hair lush and healthy.

With Novesthetica, the processes before and after hair transplantation are easily bypassed in women. If you would like to have a hair transplant in our clinic, you can contact us.

Source: Assia Hajouji, digital communication executive

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